Swap Meets

for 2018:

Best time and place to buy, sell, and trade your airsoft equipment with your fellow players.  

Keep in mind the swap meets events are player based, sometimes there may be few players that show up to sell. Please call the field ahead of time to see how many players have shown up to buy/sell.

Swap Meet Dates:

October 27th - 28th during the camp out.

December 29th

These dates and details are subject to change. We also may be adding new events to this list. Please check this page regularly and follow our social media pages to stay up to date! 

Fall Camp out and Swap meet

October 27th-28th, 2018.

More details on event list page below.

​Special Events for 2018

Camp Out Dates:

 Our most popular events. Players get to camp over at the field and play a variety of games late into the night. We will be adding an immersive story line that will evolve with each camping event.  


Fall Halloween Camp Out and Swap Meet:Sat-Sun October 27th - 28th

$20 admission, $40 for admission with rental package. There will be raffles, a costume contest, custom games, and a special purge event running from 8pm-10pm during the main camping event. Details below;

Introducing The Purge at Freedom Airsoft

This event will coincide with the Freedom Airsoft Halloween Campout on Saturday, October 27th. The Purge event will begin at 8:00 PM and will go till 10:00 PM.

Faction load outs are as follows;

NFFA – New Founding Fathers of America: 
Dark Solid color uniforms to include; 
OD Green, Navy Blue and Black

API – Anti-Purge Insurgency: 
Any Civilian, or Camo configuration

The Purgers:
Any Halloween based costume

Story Line:
It is October 27th, 2018. The day of the Purge. The NFFA is struggling to keep the Purge alive as there is a growing uprising led by the API who continue to fight to end the Purge. The API has issued a press release on the dark web advising that any and all NFFA protected parties will be hunted down and held hostage until the Purge is made illegal and the NFFA step down. Several Purge supporters have vowed to continue the Purge no matter what laws are changed. The NFFA has reportedly brought in their Commander to put down the API uprising.

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